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Friday Favourites

Review of 2018 – Part 1

As 2019 is approaching, it feels right to look back at the past year.

One of my biggest achievements, aside from this blog, is starting my YouTube channel.

Marie Schofield YouTube

please click here to visit my channel

I have created videos of days out with my husband, which I hope people have enjoyed watching as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.

I have become an avid YouTube viewer as well, both for relaxation and to study the content in the hopes of picking up some good tips and learning new techniques.

We live hundreds of miles away from our family, so my videos helped me show them around this part of the country.

The whole process of recording the video, taking photos, editing, adding music and the voiceover, has been so enjoyable and totally absorbing. The only disappointment for me was not being able to grow my subscribers.

I desperately wanted to get more than 100 subs so that I could get a custom URL. That prompted me to look at alternative ways to get that prize, and I found a temporary solution!

My goals for 2019

  1. Grow my channel and get a custom URL
  2. Get more confident talking to camera
  3. Make more vlogs

So pleeeeeease, if you haven’t already watched one of my videos, go and take a look at my channel and become a subscriber! It would give me such a boost to be able to name my channel. I would feel like a proper YouTuber then!!

Thank you 😊

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Casey Neistat

I had avoided Casey Neistat for a long time to be honest. Some of the thumbnails and titles of his vlogs seemed so “in your face” or appeared to be click bait. However, I did follow Peter McKinnon (I will write more about him later), and it was because I saw a collaboration he did that I started watching Casey Neistat too.

Casey Neistat is actually full of energy and makes amazing vlogs, so if you need a ‘pick me up’ then I would recommend him. I don’t always agree with everything he says, as I cannot imagine myself being anywhere near as successful as him, but I have huge respect for him for working so hard for what he wants. He is a very clever film maker too, with lots of technology and gadgets, and his vlogs keep your attention throughout.

Who is your favourite YouTuber? Let me know in the comments please 🙂

Thank you for reading,


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Free Music for your Vlogs

The soundtrack to your videos can make all the difference.

Here are some websites where you can download Royalty Free music – for free! Usually all that is asked in return is that you link back to the website and give them the credit.

Disclaimer: Always check with the individual websites for the exact details of their copyright license and your obligations.

You can also find free music through Soundcloud, but that is a bit more complicated, and you do have to check each track to see if you can use it or not. However, if you start by searching for “royalty free” you will find some tracks to download.

Although I have said this is music for vlogs, you could just download and listen to this music as an alternative to the radio or paid subscriptions to Spotify or Deezer etc. It is great if you would just like some ambient music to relax to!

Final note: if you are intending to make money from your vlog, then you may not be able to use some of these tracks, as you would need a commercial license, so it is always best to check the individual track and artist before allowing advertising etc on your YouTube channel.

My absolute favourite track is Happy Life because you just have to tap you toes to it. I like it so much I don’t want to over-use it and spoil it 😉

Thank you for reading and I hope you find something you like to listen to, even if you don’t have a vlog.


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Smartphones are not smart

Photo credit:

How many people actually talk on their smartphones these days?

If you are of a certain age you may remember having to ask to use the telephone. If it was a private call you might have been able to stretch the phone cable to the limits, and then to sit on the stairs with a door firmly closed between you and the bill payer for extra privacy.

Fast forward several decades and here we are with a mini computer in our hands, capable of making phone calls virtually anytime, and yet lots of people (me included) favour using it to send text messages or emails rather than speaking.

I do find text is more convenient than speaking sometimes. It gives me something to refer back to when my memory isn’t great. Also, if I want to send photos I can easily send them via WhatsApp.

What skills are being left behind by this modern technology though?

Why could I not print out a photo, put it in an envelope with a letter, send it to my friend and then phone them a few days later to discuss it? I think that the simple answer is that we have got so used to sharing things as they happen. We put so much emphasis on “now” and that is not always a good thing.

Another side of this is that there are some people who are always talking on their phones. Often they are loud enough that you almost question whether they really need a phone at all! These types of people will get on a bus talking into their phones, continue talking for the whole journey and still be talking when they get off. They seem oblivious to everything around them.

FaceTime and other types of video calling can be very popular, especially if you have family on the other side of the World … or if you want your best friend to help you choose a new pair of shoes! Again though, these types of conversation can be very invasive as they are often conducted at high volume with great energy.

On the subject of energy, someone like me, who has poor mental health, may find it too difficult to have a conversation because of the amount of energy it takes, so another reason why text messages can be an easier way of staying in touch.

This post has been prompted by my phone having battery issues. I have owned this phone for over 3 years now and the thought of being without it isn’t making me feel good at all. I rely on it so much for making my YouTube videos, as well as keeping in touch, even if that’s not by talking. I never thought I would feel that way and have probably criticised people for that in the past. Maybe I need to rethink some habits?

A quick chat with my teenager to see what he recommends, and he tells me that it’s not smart to have a smart phone anymore. Some people are going back to just having a phone that’s a phone. There is less of a need to have a phone that does everything, so less “smart” and therefore less expensive phones are becoming popular again.

Who knew?

Thanks for reading!


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Music for Moods

Without a doubt, music is very emotive, and it can change your mood before the song has even ended. It can remind you of a time, a place, a person and stir up all the feelings associated with those memories.

I exercise great care when listening to music, because the wrong tune will just turn me into a big blubbering mess. In fact, most of the time I actively avoid listening to the radio, because I am not in control of what is being played, and therefore cannot predict my reaction to certain songs.

Finding suitable music for YouTube has been a challenge. You have to find something which is Copyright Free as well as suitable for the mood you are trying to convey in your film or vlog. YouTube has it’s own free library and it does offer a variety of music, and it is certainly the easiest way of finding a soundtrack, but you have to listen to quite a few before you find what you like.

You can download and save music from the YouTube library and I do find myself listening to it when I need some “neutral” sounds to combat an anxiety attack and to try to calm down.

Ambient sounds and ambient lounge music is probably the safest thing to listen to, but even that can be irritating sometimes!

I wrote about my favourite music a while ago – read all about it here.

If you can recommend some great music, what is it and how does it affect your mood? I would love to know. Please leave me a comment below.


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Film Friday

Following advice from my blogging friend Renard I have cast the iOS app aside for this post, just to see how I get on.

There is no “Friday Favourites” post today because, to be honest, I think I’ve exhausted my supply where that subject is concerned (for a while at least).

I have uploaded a couple of films to YouTube this week, so I thought I’d give them a shameless plug instead.

The first comes from my archive:

I found this car journey on a memory card, alongside some other photos and videos of past times. I was very pleased I had found it

The second is more recent:

This is a walk along part of the canal in Sheffield. We will be making some more films about this canal later on.

I hope you enjoy.

Thank you for visiting my blog,


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Armchair Travel

There are many ways to travel and many places to go, and adventure can be a good thing. The exhilaration of going to a new place, getting on a plane, going on a road trip, meeting new people, eating different food …

What can you do though if you cannot travel but you still want to see the World?

For me, the answer is definitely YouTube. You can find out so much from watching “vlogs” from the comfort of your armchair. These snippets of information often give you more of a feel for somewhere than a highly polished advertisement or brochure. A good vlogger will make you feel like you are there with them, experiencing that same view. Okay, you cannot taste the food, smell the smells, feel the breeze etc, but you can imagine it all. Another thing about vloggers is that they are so passionate about what they are doing, that they don’t want to keep it to themselves. Yes, many want to be famous I am sure, but most vloggers are just keen to share, to make their part of the World accessible to others.

Some vloggers started because it was a way to keep in touch with friends and family while they were travelling, and then those people suggested they made their videos public.

If you subscribe to a channel, you really get to know the person, as you literally follow their journey. You see their first vlog, maybe they are a bit nervous, maybe it is a bit shaky, a bit of hastily shot film on a mobile phone. Later, they are owning it, filming like a boss, bold cinematic footage, confidently talking to camera, and you feel like you have been with them every step of the way.

So, to all the vloggers that keep me entertained, I thank you!

Please drop me a comment with a link to your favourite vlog and I will go and take a look.

Thanks for reading,


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Botanical Gardens

I’m busy putting together some more videos today, and trialling some different editing software. I do all my editing on my phone and I’ve got some great advice from YouTube influencers. I am learning all the time.

I will blog in detail later about the packages I have used and the places we visited.

In the meantime I will leave you with this photo of the Orangery at the Botanical Gardens.

Botanical Gardens, Sheffield

Thank you for reading


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Today is Tuesday

I thought I would just write a few words about my plans for the blog.

If you are a regular reader you will know I post daily, making the most of drafts and schedules to ensure I can always post something.

I have recently become hooked on YouTube and I’m starting to listen to podcasts too. So I am wondering what it would be like to have a regular podcast on my blog, what I would talk about and who would be interested.

Do you like podcasts or do you prefer to watch a vlog?

Please comment below and let me know what you think about podcasts versus vlogs. Thank you so much.

I’ll leave you with a link to my YouTube:

Have a great day!


PS does anyone watch Vimeo?

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Friday Favourites

Wow. Friday again so soon.

What can I share with you today?

It’s getting quite difficult to find favourites to be honest. I’m not getting out much because my comfort zone is so small.

However, there’s a YouTube channel I watch and their theme tune is probably my most favourite instrumental at the moment.

It is called Lullaby and it is by Benjamin Thompson. You can listen here:

The channel where I first heard it is called Floating Our Boat which is another narrowboat channel. I’m obsessed!

I may consider reducing my Friday Favourites post to once a month, except that it does force me to think about something positive, although that’s not always easy.

Thank you for reading. Maybe you could let me know what your favourite theme tune is.