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Journal along with me | February Monthly Spread

Here I am using my A4 lined notebook from The Works. It’s spiral bound, so it opens flat or folds completely back on itself, and that’s a very helpful thing. It’s also easy to tear out a page if you make a terrible mistake … which is exactly what happened to my first attempt at this monthly. Happy endings though, as I like this spread more than the first one.

A4 notebook bullet journal monthly spread

I have stamped the title but everything else is my own writing. I planned the spread with a pencil and ruler, then added the pen. After I had waited an extraordinary amount of time for all the ink to dry, I gently erased the pencil marks and hurrah no smudged ink.

I would always recommend a few light pencil marks to begin with as it does reduce the likelihood of making an error.

This series is specifically about journaling on a budget and simple spreads for beginners … BUT … I did get a Leuchtummmmmmm* Journal with dotted pages for Christmas – yay! If you would like to nosy at those pages then I have dedicated a whole new Instagram account to it 🙂

Marie-Celine Blog Signature

*It’s Leuchtturm really of course!

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Journal along with me | Gratitude

One of the most important lists to have in your modern day journal is a 

gratitude log

Giving thanks for the small things can go a long way to having a better day.

Chloe from Chloe Chats explained to me that even if you are having the worst day, to look for something positive may help you deal with the negatives.

I suppose it is true that if something really terrible is going on, hopefully someone will show you some kindness, therefore giving you that something positive to focus on.

Recommended reading:
Chloe Chats – Book Review – 365 Days of Happiness

“Think Happy, Be Happy” is one of the things I really struggle with and I have written about it in these posts:

A gratitude log will help you keep track of the positives, and you can reflect on them as and when you need to. It would be a good habit to get into, so I suggest if you are going to create a habit tracker later on, then definitely put gratitude on the list.

You can write whatever you like on your gratitude log, so long as it is a positive. It can be smallest thing, but that doesn’t matter, because all those small things will add up. 

This page needs no excuse for lots of cute decorations and doodles, so get extra creative! Experiment with writing inside heart shapes, clouds, bubbles, balloons …

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Journal along with me | Habit tracker

habit tracker

A habit tracker is basically lots of cute boxes you colour in to keep track of when you do something, or don’t do something 😉

There are so many things you can use it for, such as keeping track of

  • moods
  • healthy habits
  • household tasks
  • exercise taken
  • food and drink
  • blog planning
  • spending money

I track habits over the period of one week usually, and the following week I might track different habits, depending on how the previous week went.

There is absolutely no point in continually tracking something you are not doing. Instead, work out why you are not doing that something (if it is definitely something you want to do) and see if you can reorganise your routine to include it. Is there something else you can drop instead? For instance, I try to track my blog commenting, but if I go a few days without visiting other blogs, then I would consider not writing blog posts one day and commenting on others instead.

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Journal along with me | Creating a future log

One very obvious reason for having a planner or [bullet] journal is to be able to see ahead.

Upcoming events and tasks are recorded in a future log. You can create one for any period of time you choose. You could make one for the whole of the coming year, or for the month ahead, or anything in-between!

I would recommend starting with the month ahead.

A future log is useful for remembering things like birthdays though, so jump right in to the year ahead if you want to be very organised.

Decide how much space you need for each day. You don’t need much detail at this stage because you can put more detail into your weekly spread as it comes round.

You could divide your month/year into columns for different things, depending on how busy you are. Mine is very basic.

Remember to update your index

My example above shows a full six weeks and has space for notes or a quote at the top. I’ve used my favourite calendar stamp in the top right. I can use this as a tracker or to highlight important dates …. Or just to cross off the days as they happen.

I do hope that you are finding this series helpful. Please share your planners and journals with me.

My Journal Pinterest Board

If you would like to collab with me in 2019, please fill out the form below, include your email and website and the subject you would like to write about, and I will reply as soon as I can.

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Journal along with me | Positive affirmations for your first pages

In my post about creating a weekly spread, I suggested you skip the first few pages of your new notebook. Now it’s time to write on them!

One of the things you can use these first pages for is to write some positive affirmations, to remind yourself of the special place you hold in this world.

I’ve turned to my Twitter gang to bring you some beautiful ways for you to tell yourself you are the best.

Geraldine from the blog Geraldine Talks

  • My thoughts matter
  • I will continue to learn and grow
  • I refuse to give up because I haven’t tried all possible ways
  • I am doing the best I can and that is enough
  • I believe in whatever I’m doing and no one can take that away from me

Alison from Little Blog of Positivity

  • Even in the midst of chaos I can always maintain my inner peace
  • I accept me just as I am
  • Every day I have the power to choose, and today I choose to happy

Write down one or all of these quotes, and add some of your own if you wish – then read and repeat as often as you can.

Comment below with your favourite affirmation if you have one!

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Journal along with me | Creating a weekly spread

In the first post in this series, I wrote about buying a notebook.

Now you have your book you will probably want to start writing in it straight away, but that can be quite daunting.

My best advice is to skip a few pages

Leave yourself some space to come back to. I will make some suggestions for those blank pages later in this series. Number a few pages then start writing on page 3 or 4.

I suggest you make yourself a simple weekly spread first, because you can get your immediate time organised straight away.

Even if you’re starting your journal in the middle of the week, it doesn’t matter. Draw yourself a grid for seven days.

Beginning on the Monday, write the dates in and fill in your appointments for the week, including those you have already been to.

Add a to-do list with check boxes ☑️ so that you can keep track of your important tasks. At the end of the week, transfer any unfinished tasks to your new to-do list for that week.

I have created a space to write important reminders for the following week too.

The next step is to create an index. I start mine in the back of my notebook. On the left hand side of the page, write the title of your spread eg “weekly spreads” and next to it put the page number. When you add more weekly spreads, just write the page number next to the title, so it will look like this:

Weekly spreads ….. 3, 10, 15

Update your index every time you create a new page.

If you would like to share your “before the pen” pages with me, I would love to see them.

Journal weekly spread

Either leave me a link below, or comment on my pinboard 

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Journal along with me | Buying a notebook

I don’t have a hard and fast bullet journal, but I’m hoping this series will make starting a journal a bit less daunting for some. I’m going to look at the fundamentals of “bujo” and show you how I have used them to shape my own journal.

A bullet journal compared to a diary is totally flexible because you create the pages as you need them, making space for whatever it is you need. A diary only offers a fixed space. Some days you might want to write lots and other days not so much. Having a journal which adapts is liberating!


You can buy a blank bullet journal but they are not cheap. If you are just starting out and want to try keeping a journal, then you don’t need an expensive one really. Once you have got into the habit of writing regularly, then you are probably going to want one of course, but they can cost about £20.

I’m happy to buy bargain notebooks and have more to spend on pens 😉

Joking aside, a proper bullet journal is going to look and feel classy, and the pages will be better quality, etc. The main reason it is different though is because the pages aren’t lined but they have a dot grid instead. It will have page numbers and an index probably too.

I don’t want people to be put off journals because of the price, and so I will repeat that you do not need an expensive one to start with.

I use a lined notebook and a ruler and pencil … okay sometimes I don’t bother with the ruler – shocking I know … and I have a huge selection of coloured pens.

My first three journals were A5 which is okay, and that’s a comfortable size if you’re taking your journal around with you. My current journal is A4 and I’ve found the larger pages make it much easier to do monthly spreads.

An alternative is to have an A5 journal but to stick extra A4 sheets in if you need more space for a spread. When that larger sheet is folded in half it will sit neatly inside the journal.

Basic supplies





Glue stick

Once you have those you can make a start. It’s up to you if you want to decorate your pages, and colour code things, but as I’ve said before, this is basic journalling on a budget.

It is very important not to get journal envy of course. While scouting for inspiration you can fall into a big pit of the most fantastically artistical (is that a word) pages which may make you want to give up your journal, but don’t get disheartened. I warn you now, my journal is not as pretty as some, but it is mine and I journal because I enjoy it, not because I want 3000 followers on Instagram.

In my next post in the series I will give some examples of my page layouts, so if you would like to journal along with me, it would be a good idea to subscribe to my blog. Use the follow button or sign up with your email and make sure you are getting notifications. You don’t want to miss anything!

The photo below is not my journal but just an example of a habit tracker I found on Unsplash … I wonder what was on that toast? Any ideas?

I will confess at this time though that I do own a set of pastel highlighters and that lilac colour is adorable.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash
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Waste and Recycling |Collab with Katie

As I was growing up, we did not encounter the same issues with recycling as we do today. We had one dustbin and it was emptied weekly. Nothing had to be sorted or washed. There was no head-scratching as to which bin we should be using or even which bin to drag to the kerbside. In fact, the dustman used to walk into our garden, heave the round metal dustbin onto his shoulders and take it to the dustcart, empty it and return it to us.

I grew up in a small village where we had a butcher and a baker (possibly a candlestick maker), a greengrocer and a deli. My Dad was a farmer so we were never short of fresh fruit, and my parents grew their own veg.

Food waste (of which there was very little) went in the compost bin. Shopping was not a hobby either, like it is for some people today. I expect Mum had her favourite shopping bag for taking to the village, because I don’t remember having a whole drawer dedicated to plastic carrier bags.

Our family of four produced hardly any rubbish.

Fast forward to today, and my husband and I have THREE wheelie bins – how did that happen??! We have a black bin for general waste, a blue bin for paper and cardboard recycling, and we recently acquired a brown bin for metal and glass. The black bin and the brown bin are full size wheelie bins and the blue is slightly smaller.

We live in a flat with a communal garden, so in our block we now have no less than twelve bins to accommodate somewhere outside the building. There is such a thing as bin blight, and you can read more about what the National House Building Council think of it here.

Part of the problem also is where we put the rubbish indoors before it goes outside. We don’t want to walk downstairs just to bin one item, but our kitchen is tiny and there is very little space for one bin at most. Obviously we are doing our bit, but it isn’t easy.

Why and how has rubbish production increased?

Most people will say that the main reasons are due to packaging, and the increase of single use items.

The amount of packaging has increased on food items as companies try to keep things fresher for longer, but too much of this packaging can’t be recycled (or it is confusing which category it falls in). Some packages for instance are mixed such as foil lined card, or cartons with a plastic lid. Until there is clearer guidance actually on the packet, I fear much of this will continue to be put in the general waste or the wrong recycling bin.

Internet shopping is another habit which has also increased the amount of packaging used. Companies want to make sure their products do not get damaged during shipping, because they want to avoid the cost of a claim against them and having to replace the item.

There are many sectors where single use items have replaced reusable items. One of those being in the field of medicine. For hygiene reasons, things that would have been sterilised and reused are now single use. I can remember in my Veterinary Nurse days having to scrub and sterilise everything, but friends in medicine will confirm that most things they use in the course of their work are now disposable.

So what can we do?

The way we live and our habits will change over time, that is quite natural. We need to slow down some of our habits though and rethink how we reuse items. Not everyone can make the change, but if as many people as possible do whatever they can, then we should all reap the benefits.

  • Mend and make do
    • is that item really broken beyond repair?
    • can it be passed on to someone else or donated to a charity shop
  • Reuse shopping bags
  • Reduce food waste
    • meal planning
    • freeze leftovers
    • make compost
  • Check the packaging before you buy
    • the easiest packaging to recycle is glass and tin cans
    • the most difficult is plastic
  • Buy larger packs if possible because they use less packaging in the long run
  • Shop local
    • support small shops and market stalls
    • say no to plastic bags
    • buy less online (even click and collect will increase the amount of an item’s packaging)

As the title says, this was a collab with Katie of It’s The Spicy Bean, so if you would like to read her thoughts about recycling, then please click the link below:

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Friday Favourites

Lip Balm

Ever since I was a little girl I have used lip balm. If my lips get dry then I suffer with them splitting and becoming so sore, or I will be tempted to pull off any loose bits of skin. I know that’s a bad habit, so I need a product which keeps them protected and hydrated all the time to prevent this happening.

Lip balm is on my list of things I don’t leave home without. My favourite at the moment is the awesome EOS.

Before I start my review then I must tell you that I have paid for this product and I have not been asked by anyone to write this. It’s my completely honest opinion of a product I like using.

Firstly I will talk about the price. I’m used to buying cheap sticks of lip balm for about 99p. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, but I was reluctant to spend around five times as much as I would normally spend on something I might not like. I patiently waited until they were on offer in Boots and got my Advantage points too, so it felt like I was getting a bargain.

The outer packaging is simple – a cardboard back and a plastic front, so you can see what you are getting inside but it is protected and secure. You would know if it had been tampered with.

The lip balm itself is a cute egg shape. The top twists off and there is a thumb grip on the side. This innovative design breaks away from the twist up stick, and from lip balm tins that you may feel are unhygienic because you have to apply it with your finger. This product is therefore very easy to apply.

On my lips it feels light, not sticky, and once applied is long lasting, even after eating and drinking. It doesn’t feel too thick or too greasy either. My lips have not dried out since I started using EOS, and that’s important to me.

I’m going to return now to value for money now. My first EOS has lasted me almost three months, even with me using it every day, several times a day. My cheaper twist up sticks would maybe last me a month at the most. I’m very happy to continue buying these when they are on offer, as I do feel they offer best value for a luxury product.

Would I recommend this to others?

Yes! Definitely I would say if you have not tried one of these then do take the plunge. There are lots of different flavours available from fruity ones to minty ones or vanilla.

My first EOS isn’t quite finished yet!


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