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Friday Favourites and 2019 Crochet Goals


This week I thought I would write about one of my favourite things to make.

For a long time one of my hobbies has been crochet. I was taught by my Mum when I was little, but I didn’t make anything much until recent years when I taught myself how to make traditional granny squares.

Granny squares are the basis for many projects, especially blankets. You can either make one big square or lots of little ones and join them together.

The pattern I follow is always the one where the stitches are in clusters of three with gaps between. The solid granny has always been a mystery to me.

However, yesterday I finally figured it out for myself! It was obvious once I knew how. I’m so pleased as this gives me a whole new scope in the blanket making game, and it’s an accomplishment. Well done me!

You can see my most recent make on my Craft Owl Blog, where I mixed stripes and squares. I had also just figured out how to make an offset square, which made my blanket look very random.

I am trying again to make a stash busting blanket. If you read the post above you will see that my last one went a bit awry.

My crochet goals for 2019

  1. Shop my stash > this means checking what I have before I buy more, and making sure I start projects which will use up my stash.
  2. Organise colours > I tend to mix everything up, which suits me but isn’t to everyone’s taste.
  3. Label my WIPs > WIP stands for Work In Progress. If I start something and then leave it a while I often forget what size hook I’m using etc, so my plan for 2019 is to label my projects with details of the hook, yarn weight, date started etc.
  4. Buy only neutral colours that I can use to join my stash busting squares with > this speaks for itself really, and goes along with me trying to organise my colours.
Offset granny square

As you can see from my photos I have lots of “tails” of yarn to weave in now, which I shall do before I make the next batch of squares – promise! 🙊

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Compact Basic Granny Square in 2 Colours – Craft Owl Blog

Using first colour, chain 4 and join with slip stitch to make a ring Chain 2, then 2 trebles into the ring and then chain 1 3 trebles into ring and 1 chain (repeat to make 2 more clusters, so first row is 4 clusters with 1 chain between each) Join with a slip stitch…
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Make it Monday

I like to make things which are useful.

This week I showing you all a crochet dishcloth.

I used James C Brett Cotton On yarn; a lovely mix of cotton and acrylic.

The recommended hook size was 4mm, so that is the size I used. The result is a good dense fabric, and it looks like it will be hard wearing. For a lighter fabric with a lace effect you could use a larger size hook.

I have used a variety of stitches, to add texture and decoration, and to see which stitch wears best in use.

If you would like to see this in more detail, please click on the link below for the video:

Deliberately Different Decorative Dishcloth

I hope you like what I’ve made.

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