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5 reasons to start a bullet journal today

Get organised

Having a bullet journal allows you to write down all your appointments and lists in one place. You can also keep an eye on your habits, moods, housework, spending … whatever you need to. It’s a great place to track how your goals are progressing too.

Be creative

You can make your journal as simple or as fancy as you like. It’s your journal to do whatever you want. You can change your mind along the way if necessary. Not every page or spread has to be the same each time, so you can experiment with different styles.

Record memories

Sometimes you might want to expand on an event in your journal, and that’s perfectly ok. You can just make a quick note in your weekly or daily spread, then reference it to the page where you have written more about it. This is one reason why a bullet journal has page numbers and an index.

Plan ahead

It’s not just a diary, it’s a planner too. You can create a “Future Log” of upcoming dates, create birthday calendars, make a note of your goals, brainstorm blog post ideas, or plan for something specific like a holiday.


Unlike a pre-printed planner, a bullet journal adapts with you. You create the pages and spreads as you need them, assigning them the space they need. You create the index as you go, which makes keeping track so simple.

Go on then! Have a look at my Journal Along With Me series for more inspiration. Once you start your journal you will love it.

A pile of notebooks
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20 thoughts on “5 reasons to start a bullet journal today

  1. You are always making me eager to do this! I have upped my journaling game by adding pictures and colors and quotes but I haven’t taken the leap to a full-on bullet journal. But you continue to give excellent tips that one day I believe my regular journal may just turn into a true bullet journal without even noticing! ❤

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  2. These are so great reasons! I may end up starting with one once I finish my current journal! That way, I can design it the way I want and organize my pages the way I need it to be! It is much more flexible, I’m sure! 🤗

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    1. I’m really pleased that my blog is going to be helpful to you Sarah. I used to see bullet journals on Instagram or Pinterest and think I’d have no hope of achieving my own, but I’ve found a system that works and I am happy to share. If you need any more help to get started, please give me a shout.

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