Social Saturday

Today is about Travel, and my chosen blog is:

Little Miss Traveller

You will find great photos and lots of information, and, the blog has a huge following, so if you want to get involved in a conversation about travel, you will find plenty going on there.

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Friday Favourites

This week, the subject of my FAVOURITES is holidays.

Now, it has been an exceptionally long time since we last had a proper holiday, but if all was good in the World, I would be looking at revisiting some family favourites.

The type of holiday that I would most like to experience again, would be a narrowboat holiday.

There are so many good things to say about this type of holiday.

  • The pace of life is slowed right down, as the speed limit on the canals is a slow walking pace.
  • Working the locks provides a bit of activity for adrenaline junkies.
  • You are close to wildlife and nature most of the time. Even in towns and cities, the canal banks provide a wildlife corridor.
  • Learning to handle the boat and operate the locks is empowering.
  • You are keeping history alive. The canals were originally built to transport goods. They fell into disrepair as the railways and roads took over. Many canals have been restored for use by pleasure boats, but many have gone forever.

There are some great channels on YouTube created by people who have chosen to live on the canals full time. The number of houseboats in London has increased greatly as the cost of living soars. Many others live aboard as a lifestyle choice, and some go one step further and are “continuous cruisers” with no fixed mooring for their boat.

I would say that YouTube is the best place to start finding out about the canals in the UK, and if you have a canal near where you live then take a walk along the towpath and look at the boats.

There are often pubs beside the canal too. A good excuse to have a nice meal and a drink while watching the boats go by.

Whether on a boat on the canal, or beside the water on the towpath, I think they are one of the nicest places to relax and unwind.

Thanks for reading. Maybe tell me in the comments what your favourite holiday would be, or let me know if you’ve had a boating holiday and if you’ve enjoyed it.


Remember why you started a blog?

My blog is now a month old. Well done Me!

I started blogging (again) because I hoped that writing would help me cope with my mental health problems.

I also wanted to have a blog that would encapsulate all of my previous blogs, and be my “blog of blogs” instead of one for each topic. This blog is going to be like an identi-kit of my life.

The name of my blog, and my tag line, was very important. I wanted an easy URL (I was done with trying to be unique and clever) and decided that a simple version of my name worked well.

In order to capture all my topics in one place, I have a routine and schedule my posts around my own daily prompts. I then fill in the gaps with my musings.

  • Monday is for craft
  • Wednesday and Sunday for photography
  • Friday is for favourites, reviews and recommendations etc
  • Saturday is for being social

I feel that my system is working well for me. I have some followers and I have found some blogs I like to read, and I regularly comment on other blogs too. The blogging community has been very welcoming so far, and I am grateful for that.

If you’re new to my blog, please have a look through my archives and see what grabs your interest. Alternatively, please start from the beginning by reading my first post on this blog.

As always, thank you for visiting. I do read the comments and appreciate your feedback.